Looking to the future… a bigger boat!

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God is always moving and on the move. His plans for us are far beyond what we could ever imagine and as He tells us in the Psalms, He loves to give His people the desires of their hearts!

Over 3 years ago God showed us a building that we knew was for us. From that very moment we all witnessed His miraculous power, as He provided all the money through extraordinary giving. People didn’t just give their money away to a worthy cause, they invested in the Kingdom and the reward was incredible. We are now out-growing our existing building!

Our current multi-purpose building facilitates so many incredible ministries including youth, Young Adults, kids, babies, men’s and ladies ministries, conferences, worship nights, Bulgarian church, iheart Armagh and much more. The Lord has done so much more than we ever dreamed possible in this short time, and He keeps surprising us with more!

With the opening of Tin House coffee shop, we are now able to have the doors of the Church open seven days a week. Making it more accessible to the community as a whole, in an environment where people can just come and have a coffee and relax. Even in those moments God has proven to be faithful. The stories and testimonies are rolling in on a daily basis of how Jesus is changing lives for the better in Armagh.

The amazing news is now God has shown us another building, the exciting part is… it’s connected to our existing building! Our vision has always been, to be a lifeboat – to rescue, to build up and to send out. Now it’s time to invest again in another Kingdom extension. A bigger boat!

Our dream is to purchase this larger space (stage 1) and then redevelop it (stage 2) into a suitable building over the next few years to accommodate more people on Sundays. Also to add office space, flats for accommodation, shop units, counselling rooms and everything else God continues to reveal to us in Prayer.

So our current task is this: Pray, believe and give towards the purchase of this new building space. The total is £175,000 and we must reach this target in the next 8 to 10 weeks. (Mid-August)

This is a huge vision/goal but when it’s from God it always is. When we look at all we have its clear that it all comes from God. We know that He can use what is in our hand to keep growing what He has already planted.  It’s now our turn once again to give back to Him in faith as He invites us to be a part of another miraculous adventure!

Last time we prayed for a building, we had no Church family, no backing, no experience but we had a tiny bit of unwavering-faith… as it turned out, that tiny crazy faith was all we needed because it was in Jesus. Back in 2013/14, we raised all the 45k we needed in 7 weeks and went on to raise over 100k to turn our first building into a home. Now we stand with such confidence because of all God has done in the last 3 years and we simply say… Do it again God 🙂

How can you help?

Take this God-dream and plant it in your heart…

  • Pray – it’s so vital we pray in faith and thank God for what he’s already doing!
  • Give – Big or small, God sees our heart and He always multiples, both to you and us.

Ways you can give –

Gift Aid – 25% extra!

Plus don’t forget we are a fully registered charity so we can claim gift aid on all giving. If you’re a UK tax payer, that’s an extra 25% from the government on top of all you give 🙂

Current Total – £62100

3 years ago… Have a watch!

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