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Fast 2022

04/01/2022 by in category news tagged as , ,

This Wednesday we start our fast! 21 days to Seek God with passion and deep desire. We need more of Jesus. More of him in our lives, more of his presence, more of the Holy Spirit. (5th Jan to 26th Jan 2022) 2022 is full of uncertainty already but one thing we can be certain [...]

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Are we faithful?

02/01/2022 by in category Talks/Testimonies

As the Holy Spirit is working in our lives. Part of the fruit he’s producing is faithfulness. How can we be more faithful to God, ourselves and others?

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15/12/2021 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Peace? is it possible and how do you keep it? The Holy Spirit is producing peace in us for others to enjoy and receive.

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Can you be good?

05/12/2021 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Good… what on earth does it mean? But the Holy Spirit is producing goodness in all believers.

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50 Seat Challenge

30/11/2021 by in category news

We are on a mission... by the end of this year we want to hit 50 seats! Each seat equals £1800 or £30 a month for 5 years. We have recently submitted our planning permission for Project Possible. Now is our time to keep giving and praying in faith as we wait. Our current overall [...]

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Why Patience?

21/11/2021 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Is it really that important? Can’t we just get around it or do without it? Yet God through the Holy Spirit is producing it in you…

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Work in Progress (JOY)

14/11/2021 by in category Talks/Testimonies

As the Holy Spirit works in us the fruit comes out! Joy is an overflow of the spirit, joy is deep, joy transforms.

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