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Welcome to Vibe Counselling and Pastoral care. At Vibe we understand that life can sometimes become difficult, seasons change and we can find ourselves, at times feeling a little overwhelmed. Our minds and emotions all to often can come under extreme pressure that can cause all sorts of internal conflicts.

At Vibe Counselling we really understand those pressures and we are here to help. Our counsellors have a huge wealth of experience and they understand your difficulties. By using a variety of therapeutic tools we can really help you to resolve the conflicts that you face.

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    To make an appointment you will be required to make a payment of £30*

    About us

    Vibe Counselling is overseen by Dr Julia Muir who has over 25 years counselling experience as a Theotherapist. Theotherapy was pioneered by Dr Mark Rivera and is used all over the world, it is governed by Christian Counselling International.

    *We understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different. We always want you to get the help you need. If finances are a problem please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.

    Where to find us?

    Vibe Counselling is located at

    Vibe Church
    1 Little Barrack St, Armagh
    BT61 9AH