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vibe youth

I am a youth worker in Vibe Church Armagh and I work for Young Life International. I have been working with young people for over a year and seeing lives transformed in the area!


Feel free to get in touch with any questions, I would be more than happy to chat!

gen z

Youth on Friday nights - a time to chill, have fun, get connected to God and meet new friends. Before our youth meeting enjoy some console games, board games and tuck shop. Our youth meeting is lots of fun with skits, just dance, games and special characters. And we chat about Jesus!

 All activities are free but bring some money for our Tuck Shop.

Come join us in vibe every Sunday. We go to main church for the first 2 worship songs then we go out to the youth room. We have snacks, chat and discuss important issues that affect our lives.

youth is for teens age 11 to 17.


  • Youth Club every Friday

  • Toastie club every Monday afternoon

  • After School Club every Tuesday

  • Youth Church every Sunday

  • Special Youth Events throughout the year

  • Popup Youth Clubs in local estates

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