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brite box

BRITE Box is a family recipe meal kit. 

Every Friday, families receive a BRITE Box (through school) with all the ingredients you need and a step by step, child friendly recipe guide to cook a balanced meal for 5 people. 

For children it’s a massive boost of confidence when they can say: “I’m cooking today, I’ve got all the ingredients.”

  • BRITE Box helps with the family food budget
  • Encourages children to get involved in enjoying cooking and eating together with their families!
  • Gives opportunities to try new foods, recipes and flavours
  • With a new recipe each week which costs less than £5 to cook again it encourages families to find some new family favourites!

Can you help us to impact the City of Armagh with love & generosity?

£325 a year will give a family of 5 a weekly BriteBox.