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Project Possible

Goal = £2million
Current Total

WITH MAN this is impossible... NOT with God!


this building will change our city and nation

  • Fully functioning Counselling suite
  • Retail Unit
  • Multi Sensory Room
  • Kids Soft Play
  • Foodbank Depot
  • Multiple Purpose rooms for hire
  • 300+ Auditorium
  • Games room, Drop In centre, Hang out space
  • 150 Kids Auditorium
  • Kids Parties
  • English Classes
  • Support Centre
  • Coffee Shop
  • BriteBox HQ
  • 4th Emergency Service

ways to buy your seat(s)

All cheques made payable to vibe

Name: Vibe
Account No: 31775609
Sortcode: 09-01-29

Please grab one of our leaflets for more info or see one of our team.

what's it all about

Project Possible is our building project to see new hope brought to an ancient City. Over 1500 years ago St Patrick was the Archbishop of Armagh. He had one goal - see Revival in Ireland, to see our Island transformed by the love of God. He brought the good news of Jesus, and our nation has never been the same since.

Now is a new season. We believe God has called us to Armagh to see new wells of revival spring up. To see people, turn their hearts to God once again, to see our nation come alive in love, joy, and peace! This is our moment…

Back in 2017 we miraculously bought an old run-down building beside our current building. It was once a bar/nightclub/restaurant, a place where many had a good time, but it never lasted. For others It was a place of pain and division. Geographically its right in the heart of our city. As we prayed God give us a clear picture of Nehemiah a key figure in the Old Testament.  He saw his own people were in despair, the walls of the city had been destroyed and Jerusalem was broken. He was moved – he sat down and wept. Then God give him a plan of restoration! Eventually he rebuilt the walls of the city in 52 days! It was an incredible moment; the whole city and nation was restored.

We believe God is calling us and wants to do the same in Armagh. We are dreaming of a 20,000 sq. ft building in the middle of Armagh. A place of hope and love, shining like a lighthouse

- Strategic location for revival - we are committed to train and send out people around Ireland, North and South, to see it transformed by the hope & love of God!

- Community Centre – restoration, hope and fun

- Meeting place - for all people groups, businesses, Christians etc. A place for our community to unite and feel welcome.

- Encounter space – an environment to allow people to encounter the radical love and presence of God.

At this time, we estimate our new building project to cost £1.5 million to £2million.

You may be thinking ‘this is crazy!’ and it is, but with faith ‘as small as a mustard seed’ God can do it.  We serve the God of the impossible.

Firstly - pray for us. We know with man this is totally impossible but with God... We can do it!

Secondly we'd love you to give -

Things we would love you to consider before giving –

- Pray - How many seats should I buy?

- Be Radical, Not Reckless

- Give by faith, not by credit

- Sacrifice Luxuries, Not Living 

Thirdly - We are giving in faith and doing it through seats. Each seat sold will make project possible happen and represent your giving. Seats are a simple way to break down such a huge financial number into something personal and easy to understand.

Seats are a constant reminder that we are focused on people and not on a building.

Amazing! You can either do that as a one off donation or giving monthly.

Each seat costs £1800 or £30 per month for 5 years. Click the links below to buy your seat(s) now.

ways to buy your seat(s)

All cheques made payable to vibe

Name: Vibe
Account No: 31775609
Sortcode: 09-01-29

Please grab one of our leaflets for more info or see one of our team.