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We’ve been praying and dreaming of more…

Over the last few years God has been speaking loudly. In the last year we purchased building no2 by faith for 175k. We raised all the money in just over 3 months. God said buy and then wait. That’s what we did, but as we waited, we prayed and kept listening. NOW is our time to move again. God has given us a clear vision of the future. Confirming just like the story of Nehemiah we are to restore the people of Armagh back to God. As they rebuilt the walls God unlocked something in the spiritual which changed hearts, and returned a broken/lost people back to himself. The people did all they could practically and God did what he can do spiritually.

Project Possible is going for what is impossible for us but not for God. We can’t do it, but he can. We simply give all we can…

Thanks for taking the time to read all about our next exciting venture of faith for Vibe.

Vision Sunday message…

**** Live Total & Latest Updates ****

Latest Total = 100 sold

Phase 1 – 500k Target

Vision Sunday v2 Oct 2019

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible…” Matthew 19:26

HOW will it look?

Click images for larger view.

*Images are only for illustration purposes only. Final design and layout may change. 

Huge Potential and Great Plans

  • Counselling suite
  • Expand current Coffee Shop
  • Multi Purpose rooms for hire ie events, parties and organisations
  • Shared work office space
  • Industrial kitchen
  • More local outreach to support families and those in need
  • 400+ Auditorium
  • 150 Kids Auditorium
  • Drop in space for teens
  • Multi Sensory Room
  • Prayer & Healing Rooms

HOW and WHY?

Like any good house you need a seat to sit in. Seats are a funny thing. They are really important but not much thought is really given to them. Have you ever thought about the countless hundreds and thousands of people who actually sit in them? Each person, in each seat, in every meeting whether that is a church meeting or something else, have a personal story to tell, a purpose in life to live for and an opportunity to encounter Jesus. This may be to encounter God’s love for the first time or the hundredth time but either way, it’s to provide a place where people can come and know Jesus and grow in Him.

At time of writing, we estimate our new building project to cost £1.5 million.

How will we raise the £1.5 million?
We want you to buy a seat!!

In our new building we will have space to seat approx. 425 people. But we are dreaming and believing for double services. This will tally to a total of 850 people. We would like you to purchase a seat(s) for these 850 people.

Each seat will cost £1800. This is £1.5 million divided by the 850 seats paid over a 5 year period. Which is only £30 per month for 5 years.


Stage 1 (NOW)

Raise £500k to complete new building shell
Which would include…
New 2 storey building (wind and water tight)
+ Ground floor complete
New coffee shop, multipurpose rooms, 150 seater kids room, tribe zone

Stage 2 (approx. 2022+)

Complete 1st & 2nd floors
Connect both buildings and Complete auditorium


You may be thinking ‘this is crazy!’ and it is, but with faith ‘as small as a mustard seed’ God can do it. We serve the God of the impossible.

No doubt people will ask ‘what should I give?’ or ‘how much should I give?’. God tells us to give from a thankful heart, not obligation or pressure. But our heart should always be to give, just like Jesus showed on the cross as He gave all.

Things we would love you to consider before giving –

– Pray – How many seats should I buy?
– Be Radical, Not Reckless
– Give by faith, not by credit
– Sacrifice Luxuries, Not Living

As a minimum, would you purchase enough chairs for each member of your family that attends our church, PLUS one for that person who you are believing will, one day, sit in THAT very chair?


Buy your seat(s)

2) Cash or Cheque

All cheques made payable to vibe

3) Standing orders & Direct Bank transfer:

Name: Vibe
Account No: 31775609
Sortcode: 09-01-29

4) Monthly Giving Setup – (Offline)

Please grab one of our leaflets for more info or see one of our team.


  1. Send a one off gift
  2. Buy seat(s) and faithfully give each month or by lump sum.

Any questions?

Please email any questions or
comments you may have about our vision to: darryl@vibeni.com


It’s time to restore the ‘walls’ of Armagh.  Just like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, ‘Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem’ restored a broken nation back to God. We want to see the people of this city transformed and impacted by Jesus.

It is not bricks and mortar we want but people.
Play your part in changing the landscape of a community, city and nation!

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