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ProjectPossible 7 Day Fast #thereismore

08/09/2019 by in category news tagged as

This September we’re seeking God in new ways and our desire is to know him more and for him to change us! For the next 7 days (or as soon as you can begin) we’re going to pursue God more… with extra reading, praying and worshipping. Asking him to move in Armagh, and in our […]

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3 months in, incredible start

20/03/2019 by in category news tagged as

3 months in, what an incredible start! In just over 3 months we’ve sold 72 seats! That doesn’t seem like much but every seat is worth £1800… now you start to see 72 = £150,750 WOW… We have a crazy dream to build a huge centre in Armagh to bring life, hope and love to [...]

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08/01/2019 by in category news tagged as , ,

January is here and so is 2019!!! The year God has planned for us all is good! but as we start we want to make more room in our lives for him. Fasting is a great way to seek God for a short season so he can fill us afresh. Maybe you’re far from God, […]

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19/11/2018 by in category news

We’ve been praying and dreaming of more… Over the last few years God has been speaking loudly. In the last year we purchased building no2 by faith for 175k. We raised all the month in just over 3 months. God said buy and then wait. That’s what we did, but as we waited, we prayed […]

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Shipwrecked – Free Kids Bible Club

20/07/2018 by in category news

Shipwrecked 3 day Kids Bible Club We have 3 amazing mornings planned Fun / Games / New Friends / Jesus / Food Drop your kids off for a life changing few days! Sign up today! - https://goo.gl/forms/iNU9chjLjEGVH1oC2

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3 days to Victory

02/10/2017 by in category news

Wow 3 days to go and we have come so far! But as the old saying goes... not far enough... yet! This Wednesday we have to pay all the 175k to the last penny. If we don't its not good enough. When Jesus went to the cross all his friends and family thought the same. [...]

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Don’t quit in the middle

25/09/2017 by in category news

10 Days left... Half way up the mountain its always easier to turn back but there's nothing like the summit. The start of any idea is always fun and exciting. At the end there's all the success and victory but in the middle it can be tough going, difficult days and doubt! Our only option [...]

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An Unstoppable God

28/08/2017 by in category news

Wow what a 4 weeks we've had! 1 weeks outreach at iheart Armagh and then over 2 weeks outreach in South Africa. We saw 57 people give their hearts to Jesus and begin a brand new life with God. Not to mention so many people healed, encouraged and loved. Our God really is unstoppable. Even [...]

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God is supplying all our needs

09/08/2017 by in category news

It's has been an incredible first 5 weeks. In that time our dream of a new building is very much becoming reality. We have went from zero to £63,000 (latest total), take a moment to process that! God has moved on so many people's hearts to give. Normal ordinary people who decided to give back [...]

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Mountains are moving

16/07/2017 by in category news

Our latest total is now over £51,000. What an incredible few weeks it has been. We stepped out of our current boat like Peter and as we fixed our eyes on Jesus, He's been doing miraculous things! We took a leap of faith and said OK lets believe God can get us all the money! [...]

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