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2020 lets go!

05/01/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Wow its the start of a new decade… God is calling us deeper. Will we come closer, keep moving forward, keep trusting and believe for greater things!?

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03/01/2020 by in category news tagged as ,

2020 is going to be such a key year for us, both as a church body and in our own lives. Something is stirring and as we head to the 5 year mark as a church, God is calling us deeper than ever before. This year is significant... our lives are significant... what we’ve seen [...]

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The best is yet to come!

29/12/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

The end of the year… but God only has more in store. We need to know the best is yet to come no matter where you’ve been. God has better plans ahead.

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Kingdom Values – Rest

15/12/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Why is it so hard to rest? Why does God make ‘rest’ such a big deal and yet it feels like we have no time to rest?

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Kingdom Values – Restored

01/12/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

We need to know in Jesus we are fulled restored… but how do we respond  when lots of areas in our lives are not restored yet?

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Kingdom Values – Hope transforms everything

10/11/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Imagine hope that can transform anyone? Jesus meets a woman at a well and nothing is ever the same again.

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The genius of AND – Mitch

03/11/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Mitch from Crown Jesus Ministries sharing about the genius of and…

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