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About Us

we are a new church plant in the heart of Armagh City with Armagh city at our hearts. We started in 2006 as a young adults group(16-30ish) and met every other Saturday. As our hearts grew so did the vision and God soon placed a new vision on our hearts to plant a church in Armagh. In 2014 we purchased the current Vibe building and began renovating. After lots of prayer, hard work and generous giving we launched on 25th April 2015. This season has been an incredible journey, filled with outrageous miracles only God could do.


Vibe has always stood for – Vision Integrity Boldness & Evangelism. To be a people who live vibrant for God.


  • We want to see God Transform our community
  • Vibrant people empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve our city
  • We love to serve our city


  • We confess our sins one to another
  • We do all it takes (except sin) to reach the lost.
  • We are dead to sin but alive in Christ
  • We die daily so Christ can live
  • We have unoffendable hearts.
  • We are full of forgiveness and love our enemies


  • We can do all things in Christ
  • We walk in the spirit
  • When we don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit prays for us
  • We just believe!
  • We know daily we are not enough and have many failings but Christ is enough.
  • He makes all the difference


  • We get to serve. Not have to
  • We love people as Christ loved the world
  • We are all called to reach out to affect our city
  • We go looking for people rather than waiting.
  • Our goal is to bring heaven to earth.

Core Values

  1. Welcome home – a place to belong, connect and grow. Be part of a family. Feel accepted, loved and grow
  2. Our heart beats for the lost  It always has to be our number 1 focus. To reach and disciple. To love people as Christ loved the world
  3. Truth – to share a complete Gospel heaven and hell, grace, love, joy, peace. That hell is real. That the law exposes our sin but Jesus paid the ultimate price. A free gift which is available to us.
  4. To be vibrant – to engage fully with the life Jesus won for us. To dance, sing, jump, shout and tell of the Goodness of our God
  5. To give all – just as Jesus did we will give our best and know that all things our possible trough Jesus

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