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2006 – The beginning

Vibe started off as a place were young people/adults could come together to have fun, make relationships and ultimately find and connect with a Real God! But over the first two years (2006-2008) God has taken that further and done bigger and better things than we could ever imagine.

5 Years later… (2011)

Now we’re more than just another youth meeting or group. We’re a family who always want to increase!! Who look out for each other and encourage. It’s a place where people can come and discover their gifts in God and then we try our best to provide a springboard for them to tune and develop those gifts!! We have become a community of people who just love Jesus and want to tell and show the people around us what He’s done for us.

At vibe we’re going to be young people who have Vision, Integrity, Boldness and a deep desire for Evangelism. Young people on FIRE for God. Being a vibrant youth and having a vibrant relationship with Jesus!!

We know the first few years were good but they were just the foundation for the explosion of the future…. and that future its right now!! Its Time to be Vibrant

2014… Everything changes

“Wow God has been so good. We just found and purchased our new building in Armagh. Fully paid for in 2 months. Debt free!” 2014

Last September we saw a building, by February 14′ we owned that building, then the transformation began!

There is no one like our God. Only He could have done all we have seen so far. It was beyond our wildest dreams to believe we could raise 45k but we did! God did it Everyone gave what they could and in the space of 2 months we raised it all. We are so thankful for each person who gave above and beyond, and for a God who knows and supplies our every need!

April 2015 – Church starts… A new beginning

We started off as a youth group but God had much bigger plans. Our minds have been totally blown away by all that God has done and will do when we trust him.

We’ve come along way… but truly the best is yet to come!