Don’t quit in the middle

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10 Days left…

Half way up the mountain its always easier to turn back but there’s nothing like the summit. The start of any idea is always fun and exciting. At the end there’s all the success and victory but in the middle it can be tough going, difficult days and doubt! Our only option is to stay focused and remember our end goal, if we don’t we’ll quit. When we keep our eyes on the prize it sustains us on the journey.

We have passed the point of no return. When we decided to follow Jesus, we decided to lay down our lives for His. So once we heard God say next door was ours, we were all in!

Is it possible that failure is simply the result of giving up too soon? We have nothing to fear. Our lives are secure in Jesus, but we have everything to miss out on when we stop trusting God is good right to the end!

God had an incredible plan for David’s life but the journey was not easy. He had every reason to turn back, give up, listen to other people’s wisdom but he didn’t.

Joseph had even more reasons but he just kept pushing forward rather than give up in the middle.

We either see the middle as a sign it’s all falling apart, we’re too tired, we have too much left to go or we decide to dig deep, trust God and keep believing.

We have decided to never give up.

Is it possible that God is waiting to do more than we could ever ask or imagine? Is He looking throughout the earth for someone who refuses to settle?

Now is not the time to worry but to praise and give all back to Jesus.

How long is left?

10 Days 🙂

How can you help?

Take this God-dream and plant it in your heart…

  • Pray – it’s so vital we pray in faith and thank God for what he’s already doing!
  • Give – Big or small, God sees our heart and He always multiples, both to you and us.

Ways you can give –

Gift Aid – 25% extra!

Plus don’t forget we are a fully registered charity so we can claim gift aid on all giving. If you’re a UK tax payer, that’s an extra 25% from the government on top of all you give 🙂

Current Total – £80,000

New Building… have a look inside 🙂

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