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Restart – Rhythms & Routines

06/09/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

What’s your routines been like lately? What needs to restart and what needs to go!

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Restart – Mission

23/08/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

What about missions? What’s your mission? Is there a bigger mission for me?

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Restart You

09/08/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Are you ready for a restart? Imagine running the wrong race… or going round in circles. Jesus allows a complete restart!

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Emergency Encouragement

26/07/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

What if we’re all on critical levels of encouragement? We’ve never known a time of constant separation before. Without encouragement our will starts to fade, fear starts to rise and worry becomes our normal. God wants to encourage your soul today!

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Dangerous Prayers

05/07/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Imagine if we stopped praying safe? What if we prayed Dangerous! If we don’t nothing changes… its time for our prayer lives to revive, change and become ablaze. Prayer is our first response, super-weapon and our vital connection between us and God.

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What’s Inside

28/06/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

We are jars of clay. Ready to be filled… but with that? What is your treasure. What fills your life?

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Good Father

21/06/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

It’s so important to know we have a good father. God loves us. The more we know his love the more we know our identity in life. Looking at the prodigal son, the elder brother and the father. There’s so much we can learn about this great dad!

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It’s not me, It’s you

14/06/2020 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Wow imagine a world were we made it about others? Humbly allowing Jesus to work through us as we got from me focused to you focused. Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve…..

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