3 days to Victory

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Wow 3 days to go and we have come so far! But as the old saying goes… not far enough… yet!

This Wednesday we have to pay all the 175k to the last penny. If we don’t its not good enough.

When Jesus went to the cross all his friends and family thought the same. We’ve come so far but maybe that’s it… The truth, God was still in control and although it was difficult to understand He had a perfect plan in motion. There was a miracle going on in the midst of the despair.

Jonah found himself in a similar place. Called by God but fear robbed him of his future. Then he found himself literally in the belly of a whale. No hope, no escape, no alternative but to face reality and give up. However  in chapter 2 of Jonah we read this –

“When I had lost all hope, I turned my thoughts once more to the Lord” Jonah 2:7

In that moment he put his trust and faith back into God. Suddenly God was able to move and a miracle took place. Going from defeat to eventually one of the greatest revivals we’ve ever had.

Everyone thought Jesus was finished when He went to the cross but He had full trust in His father. On the first day, one of the darkest days in history when Jesus was crushed, whipped and beaten he laid his life down. Sin was defeated we just didn’t know it yet. Then on the 3rd day He rose again and we all witnessed the greatest day in history as He revealed all!

Today we are 3 days away from an amazing victory. If we give up now we miss out on all, but if stand together in Christ we can never lose.

We have come so far… and the best is yet to come

We need 59k by Wednesday, lets keep putting our trust and faith in God. He never fails!

How long is left?

3 days… we pay this Wednesday!

How can you help?

Take this God-dream and plant it in your heart…

  • Pray – it’s so vital we pray in faith and thank God for what he’s already doing!
  • Give – Big or small, God sees our heart and He always multiples, both to you and us.

Ways you can give –

Gift Aid – 25% extra!

Plus don’t forget we are a fully registered charity so we can claim gift aid on all giving. If you’re a UK tax payer, that’s an extra 25% from the government on top of all you give 🙂

Current Total – £116,000

Our New Building!

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