3 months in, incredible start

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3 months in, what an incredible start!

In just over 3 months we’ve sold 72 seats! That doesn’t seem like much but every seat is worth £1800… now you start to see 72 = £150,750 WOW…

We have a crazy dream to build a huge centre in Armagh to bring life, hope and love to the whole community. This won’t be a small inside job, it will take everyone playing their part. It’s a dream that has been birthing in our hearts for years but now is finally ready to come out!

There are many reasons to not go for our dreams… fear, finance, failure, or what will people say? But by the end, we are left with only 1 real option… what if it happens!?

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible…” Matthew 19:26


  1. WHY? We want to see an entire city saved… could you imagine all 15k people in Armagh loving Jesus and life? We can either wonder will it happen or we can decide to help it happen
  • maybe you need to pray, why haven’t I given yet? 
  1. HOW? By being intentional. Realising that we need you… everyday it becomes less optional and more necessity. Great things happen when people unite and work together. God always supples as we need, not when we wait…
  • Are you waiting for more or giving what you have?
  1. WHEN? Our goal is 5 years but we need your help or it becomes longer. When you become ready, the days get shorter. We all love reading and hearing about great God moments. This moment is on us…
  • You can make it happen! – buy your seat, pray, use your faith! 

We are literally making history and changing our city.

We get to be a part of this…. nervous, excited, scared but incredible days to be alive.

*Images are only for illustration purposes only. Final design and layout may change. 

Over 30% of stage 1 complete!!


Stage 1 (NOW)

Raise £500k to complete new building shell
Which would include…
New 2 storey building (wind and water tight)
+ Ground floor complete
New coffee shop, multipurpose rooms, 150 seater kids room, tribe zone

Stage 2 (approx. 2022+)

Complete 1st & 2nd floors
Connect both buildings and Complete auditorium

Why Seats? read all about it here....


1) Online App – for giving via card or monthly giving setup


Buy your seat(s)

2) Cash or Cheque

All cheques made payable to vibe

3) Standing orders & Direct Bank transfer:

Name: Vibe
Account No: 31775609
Sortcode: 09-01-29

4) Monthly Giving Setup – (Offline)

Please grab one of our leaflets for more info or see one of our team.


  1. Send a one off gift
  2. Buy seat(s) and faithfully give each month or by lump sum.

Any questions?

Please email any questions or
comments you may have about our vision to: darryl@vibeni.com


It’s time to restore the ‘walls’ of Armagh.  Just like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, ‘Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem’ restored a broken nation back to God. We want to see the people of this city transformed and impacted by Jesus.

It is not bricks and mortar we want but people.
Play your part in changing the landscape of a community, city and nation!

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