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Stuck in the middle: Relationships

12/05/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Relationships impact everything we do. But what do you do when you feel stuck. How should we act or respond.

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Stuck in the middle: work

05/05/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Ever felt stuck in your work? or education etc what do we do? What can we learn? Is God there?

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Easter Sunday

24/04/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Jesus replaced the hopelessness of death with a living hope in an everlasting future in the presence of the Lord. Do you need hope?

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Encountering God

07/04/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

How long has it been since we last encountered his presence? Imagine we lived there. Living in his presence rather than long gaps and living in our own strength.

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3 months in, incredible start

20/03/2019 by in category news tagged as

3 months in, what an incredible start! In just over 3 months we’ve sold 72 seats! That doesn’t seem like much but every seat is worth £1800… now you start to see 72 = £150,750 WOW… We have a crazy dream to build a huge centre in Armagh to bring life, hope and love to [...]

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Half way there

17/03/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

What if we’ve stopped half way… what if we’ve settled for less?

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Play your part

03/03/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Imagine we all used our talents for God? what does faithfulness look like…

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Find your place?

24/02/2019 by in category Talks/Testimonies

Imagine knowing you have a place. There’s a role for you and a purpose.

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